Mud Therapy

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Mud Therapy as an Alternative Treatment

Mud therapy is an alternative treatment that helps to cure various skin problems, rheumatism, pain and arthritis.

Mud Therapy is used as an alternative treatment to cure many diseases like pain in joints, rheumatism, arthritis or any aches and also to tone down overweight. The mud therapy can be done with specific type mud only. Certain types of mud contain a higher amount of minerals and plant residues, which is the main reason for its medicinal property. Mud therapy was practiced by Ancient Greeks to treat different kinds of ailments. The medicinal property of the mud comes from the plant residues that have been deposited in the soil over a long period of time. The composition of mud varies depending on the content of its plant mineral and material.

There are beneficial components of mud, which penetrates through the skin, enter the blood flow and thus circulates throughout the body. By mud bath the very fine nerve endings situated in the outer part of the skin are stimulated which in turn activates the whole nervous system. The mud gets dried easily over the skins that help to cleanse the skin and thus the effects of mud bath is very inspiring. This effect is similar to effect of vigorous exercise. Mud bath enhances the heart rate, assist in sweating, speed up circulation and thus help the body to get rid of the toxins and impurities inside the body. The mud therapy can help in overall toning of the body. Sometimes in some mud therapy mud extracts are given to drink for the purpose of removing digestive disorders and stomach ulcers. Mud therapy is beneficial for treating certain disorders like arthritis, rheumatism, skin problem, infertility etc.

The mud therapy and the spa treatments helps to clear up pathological agents of the body and helps to combat the stress of daily life. Mud therapy is useful for losing excess weight, detoxifying of the body, toning and revitalizing the skin. A mud therapy treatment cycle lasts for one to two weeks. This package includes applying of six to twelve mudpacks on a daily or regular basis. Sometimes doctors instruct for some interruption to make the treatment more bearable for the patients. Normally Mud Therapy is done once a year but based on the needs it can be done twice a year but there should be always an interval of 4 to 5 months between one cycle of the treatment and another cycle.

Mud therapy treatment in performed in special rooms, where the patients go in an empty stomach wearing only a bathrobe. The people in charge of the treatment make the necessary arrangements according to the timetable. The mud used is a mixture of an organic solid component mixed with mineral water and then left for several months to `mature`. The mud is heated to 50 degree centigrade before it is applied to the body. After applying the Mud pack, the client is wrapped up to prevent any heat dispersion. The treatment is finished with the client having a therapeutic thermal bath or shower followed after ten to fifteen minutes of relaxation.